Writing Projects


The Tides of Connemara
Feature – Romantic Comedy
Set in Ireland, “The Tides of Connemara” mixes action/adventure, pirate lore, and the humorous differences between Irish and American culture. Brought together by a message in a bottle, two ten year old girls, one Irish and one American, find themselves thrown into a world of adventure and romance when they decide to play matchmakers in this beautiful Irish seaside town.

All The Herbies
Feature – Kids Action Fantasy
A thirteen year old boy and a six inch, loud-mouthed, skateboard riding, Bermuda short wearing gecko named Herbie discover a “brotherly” bond when they are chased across the desert by an evil government faction bent on cloning an army of super-human killing machines with no emotions, no family ties and an uncanny ability to regrow lost limbs on the battlefield.

Chance Ranch
Feature – Action Drama
Chance Ranch, the last alternative to reform school for rich kids at risk, is a working ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. A new batch of morally handicapped, drug sucking misanthropes is about to be dumped on a weary group of unconventional, but dedicated counselors in order to be transformed into God fearing, law abiding citizens. Physically challenging hard work, fresh air, and intense counseling are designed to make the “guests” reevaluate their lives, gain self esteem, and return with a chance to turn their lives around. They\’ve not had much success yet, but these idealistic Counselors, tired of acting as merely maximum security baby sitters, have some ideas to shake things up and finally get some results. The results they get, however, are the last thing they ever bargained for.


The Fame Game
Game Show
To be hosted by Jerry Mathers, of “Leave It To Beaver” fame, “The Fame Game” will answer the question “Where Are They Now?” for those who were once famous, but have since fallen from the limelight. It’s “Trivial Pursuit” meets “Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?” and will assuage the audiences seemingly never ending appetite for nostalgia in a fast paced game show format.

Hollywood Bail Bonds
Television Series
The perceived glitz & glamour, the dreams of stardom, the allure of life in the fast lane; where these notions collide with reality you will find interesting stories of people in crisis. We propose to tell these stories as realistically and dramatically as possible by shooting improvisational actors, cast to type, in a cinema verity shooting style. At the intersection
of “The Blair Witch Project”, “Law and Order”, and “Cops” you will find “Hollywood Bail Bonds, The TV Show”. Hollywood Bail Bonds is a real business, a working component of the criminal justice system. It is headquartered in the heart of old Hollywood and is a constant source of true life stories and fascinating characters.